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Swollen lymph nodes on Isotretinoin

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If anyone could give me a little insight that would be great!!

I have been on Isotretinoin (Claravis) for a about a month and a week now. My derm started me on 40mg once daily for the first month, and recently increased the dose to 60mg daily (30mg X2).
By the first two weeks I came down with a horrible cold flu like symptoms with really tender/ swollen lymph nodes behind my ears and neck. About a week later it subsided.

A few days after starting the 60mg, my cold came back, and this time swollen lymph nodes in ears, neck, and groin area. Has anyone else experienced this on Accutane??
I am particularly worried about the lymphs in the groin area. I was checked for STDs about a month prior to starting Accutane with no new partners since, and all was clean.

In addition to this, I am also experiencing more common side effects 
Dry cracked lips and skin.

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hey there! i know this is a few months late but just wanted to jump on and check what the outcome was? I have been on a reeeally low dose of 10mg a day since mid November, and then my dose increased to 20mg and 10mg alternating days since mid December. Since it was increased i started getting super swollen and painful lymph nodes in my arm pits, like REALLY painful, so i’ve dropped back down to 10mg a day. I am getting an ultrasound just to be safe but i’m fairly certain is from the isotretinoin. Are you still having any problems with your dose? 

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