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Doxycycline + Salicylic Solution + Differin

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Hi, I am a 26 year old male and I recently visited the skin doctor to deal with my acne.
I used to get acne (small nodules and sometimes the larger pustules that seem to get too huge and take ages to heal) but never in such a fashion the large pustules kept coming on and on - hence the visit to the doctor. I feel that my skin care regimen is pretty good as I don't even break out on my nose or forehead even though it tends to be oilier on these areas.

The doctor gave me a 3-prong approach - doxy to deal with it orally since she suspects an infection because the acne was localized and on my cheeks only; salicylic solution in the morning; and adapalene in the night.

However being the eager guy that I am to deal with this acne problem more quickly, I followed the doctor's instructions for the morning - cleanse, salicylic acid and then moisturise. But for the night I do it a little differently - cleanse, salicylic acid, moisturise and then differin (adapalene 0.1%) gel all over the face.

So long story short, my question is this: is there any issue using salicylic acid and adapalene together? I pretty much use them all back-to-back with no wait in between, and I don't experience any irritation. Just want to confirm they are not recommended to be used together mainly for the chance it might cause increased irritation and nothing else - if that's the case I would just continue using them this way anyway. 


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