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Hey guys so I really messed up and picked a bump. This is how things went down:

I have mild acne but when I even get one bump forming I become obsessive. :( I had this bump that hardly was there but I saw some white so I decided to pick at it. After some picking I realized the pus was deep and the pimple was not ready. The spot instantly got swollen and darker than the rest of skin. (A pink and purple) But I being dumb continued trying to pop the area. I got some out after a while but when I wanted to squeeze more a ball of water formed. Yes a BUMP of water. I was scared and tried covering up for the day but went to pop the ball of water at night. After some time a scab formed and it fell off a week later in the shower. The spot was very red. However, I realized it was still raised and knew there was still puss. After a day the area finally came to a head the white was sticking it so I popped and all the gunk came out. However, now I have a very red indentation thats been here for weeks. I wanted to ask if anyone had any tips to help it heal or fade the red away. Thanks so much. 

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