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Blackhead scars???

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I have a mild form of acne, mostly blackheads on my T-zone and I use Differin to treat them.

My problem is, I have these scars on my nose that I got from (unsuccesfully) pressing my blackheads when I was younger. eusa_wall.gif

I didn't know what they were then a when I picked into them they got bigger, leaving a scars. They look like giant pores, like 2mmx2mm.

When I went to a laser-specialist he told me he could fix them because they were deeper then chicken pocks scars. The derm just told me their was nothing to do about it, but reading through this forum, I realised there might be a solution for this.

My question is: what kind of scars are these: icepicks, scarred pores or enlarged glands.

My guess is the thirth, but actually I have yet much to learn about this, so I'm not sure. Can enlarged glands be cured? I've read about the different treatments but are they succesfull for these kind of scars?

Thanks alot to all who took time to read this.

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Hi, they are probably what most people would call enlarged pores. Oil glands are too deep to actually see. The best treatments for icepicks and enlarged pores TCA Cross, punch floats, and punch grafts. Please read the FAQ, and use the search function to find more threads about these things. Search example: "punch graft" (with the quotes)

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dude i have this EXACT SAME PROBLEM and its kiling me. its so oily and ARGHH. money is a problem for me so i'm stuck

please tell me how you fair out

okay thanks

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