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10+ years with comedonal acne and it's worse than ever. Please, help!

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First off, some backstory. Like most people, I started having problems with acne in my early teens. It was pretty mild back then so it dnidn't bother me much as most spots disappeared within a week or two. However, I started getting comedonal acne in my mid teens and it only got worse from there. It first showed up on my forehead and it was pretty mild but it just got worse as time went by. I went to my local doctor and they prescribed me some medicine and an acne gel (benzol peroxide). I did the treatment for about a year but nothing changed. I took a break from treatment and it only got worse, so a couple of years later I went back to the doctor and they gave me the same treatment and guaranteed that it would work. One year later and still no change. It only got worse and worse. By this time (I was around 23), the comedonal acne had spread ALL over my face. It is literally everywhere except around my eyes, and it's less severe around my nose and jawline. It's the worst on my cheeks and down the sides of my chin. FYI, It's the type that is skin-colored and doesn't get inflamed (unless I try to squeeze it which I can't help but doing sometines because I get so frustrated). I have both small and huge bumps all over ny face...

So... After the treatment the doctors prescribed me failed, I have tried every possible treatment I could find on the internet. I drink loads of water (around 2-3L a day) and try to stay away from unhealthy foods. I even cut out milk and cheese from my diet entirely. I'm doing skincare religiously and only use products that are supposed to be acne-friendly. However, at the age of 25, my skin is now worse than ever. I feel disgusting and I barely go out in public anymore because I'm so ashamed of my skin. I've been struggling with this for over 10 years now and I don't know what else I can do. Please help :(

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Have you ever tried Unblemish or ProActiv? I suffered from cystic acne for 13 years and those were the only products to ever help me (I’ve got clear skin now) I said antibiotics would be a last resort and luckily I never had to try them. 

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