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Please help with my scars. Photos provided! Thanks!!

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5b9aac0cc04bc_Forehead1.jpeg.213dbd4682fdca631604e93f9fbf4ce9.jpegHi, I have done my first subcision cupped with subcision in Nov 2017. I had lots of bruises and bumps that lasted for 2 weeks. The results so probably 5% improvement. This month in Sept 2018, I decided to try subcision with another derm. He suggested subcision with Rejuran. I was telling him if Rejuran is effective, it should have made it's name to USA (I am from Singapore). He explained saying it not popular there because USA have PRP. In Singapore, PRP is not approved by our Govt. As such, Rejuran is the next best substitute for PRP. I was eager to find a solution for my scaring problem. So I went with his advise and had my second subcision with Rejuran performed together. My experience for the second subcision is totally different from the first. This derm did not leave any bruises on my face at all. He was saying bruises does not equate to better results. There were some slight swelling. It has been one week now since my second subcision. The swelling seem to have completely subsided. I think I did see another 5-10 % improvement to my scars. However, there was much improvement to my forehead scars from these 2 subcisions. Have attached my end result face pic here..can anyone please advise how I should take it off from here? If I need filler, what is the name of the filler that is more suitable for me? Thanks a million!!!!

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Filler in this area is easy for an experienced operator, but it is the riskiest area for the patient. Highest rate of BLINDNESS in this area. Personally 30 G saline subcision can be done on your temples, this will improve your scars in the area. If is saline, combine it with CO2 Fractional (Just as long as its not Edge Fractional as it has virtually 1/10 power if branded companies like Syneron Candela). Forehead - like I said, simple technique for a good dermatologist. One way is the 4 point method (Korean way), 2 ml of e.g. Volift or Volume , squish down. Then vvvvv small dose of Botox 8 units. All of this can be done in one sitting by an experienced dermatologist. See the guys privately at NSC. Prof CL Goh does high risk fillers as well. 

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