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Forehead scars

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Please either PM me a picture with a flashlight making shadows for individual advice or here is some general advice. This area is very hard to treat, ... the skin is thin. They can do standard subcision with saline here and or some botox. Filler in this area can cause blindness so if you get some pick a professional who knows about this and how to treat it. RF needling is very effective in this area and low density co2 3-7% at full power. Reds can be treated with v-beam and or picosure if your ethnic. Icepicks can have tca cross. Erbium resurfacing or peels work at the end once the scars area raised as much as possible. 

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@Wdotgrimes Thank you for PM'ing me and posting here. I see you also posted on another post that is just like your case. The diffrence is some of your scars are more widespread as you have rolling scars (cobblestoned texture).
This is a very hard area to treat, with anatomy that is dangerous underneath. Patients get a percentage of improvement with several treatments. The thin is skin with little fat, high muscle movement, arteries, etc.

You can use differin/tretinorin/retin-a with konjac and albutin cream nightly to help with any discoloration and to do quicker cell turnover. You can try to dermastamp them for "some" at home work. Stop 1 week before procedures.

What Obiwan said in the other post is good, we get asked this question often. Manual scar work to the scars. Vertical subcision and some botox. Saline vertical subcision. Soft HA filler superfically in this very dangerous area to inject. Low density co2 3-7% is also a tool used. In your case I see reds or wounding post acne PIE so picosure or vascular laser treatments would help a lot for discoloration.

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