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Using Tazorac for 20yrs

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Noticed an old post about Tazorac and wanted to share my nearly twenty year experience... for what it’s worth. I’ve used Tazorac almost half my life,  was 24yrs old when first prescribed and now 43 and still on it and look at least 10 years younger; still get carded  less annoying as I get older. I’m pretty sure my wrinkle free face is the result of the Tazorac.

Keeping it real... I also tried Accutane for four months and forced to jump ship due to major digestive issues +angry type depression symptoms; face looked marvelous otherwise + I went down to my post kids size 0.

 Aldactone, I’m back on it because it turns out that I have hormonal driven acne, basically clear until that time of the month then I break out... My acne varies, mostly nodules, whiteheads, rarely blackheads, and ever so often cystic.

What does Tazorac do for me - it helps clear my skin but it doesn’t stop hormonal acne from coming which is why I’m back on Aldactone for 2-3 months. Tazorac helps you peel off the dead skin or hyperpigmentation - when used correctly you start to scale like a fish with zero or minimal redness. Personally, some doctors do a poor job explaining how to use this medication. To start use a pea sz, leave on for 20 or less time which depends on how soon you turn red if at all. In other words build your tolerance slowly — if you are new and if already red and irritated then let your skin heal before using tazorac. Not a doctor here, just lessons learned. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

Initially, I used Tazorac to treat acne and the acne marks. Since my acne is hormonal now  it doesn’t stop it but it clears me up quicker because my cells turn quickly.

When I’m feeling oily, usually in the summer I wash my face, exfoliate lightly (3-4x/week), tone, followed by Tazorac —-> BUT if my skin is sensitive I use Tazorac every other day or even every third day depending on skin sensitivity, leave it on for 20minutes let it absorb, then I rinse  my face with water and use an oil-free moisturizer; sometimes I moisturize followed by Tazorac, rinse, then remoisturize. Note I also cut down the exfoliation to once a week when sensitive. I’m usually sensitive due to sun exposure, winter, chilly +windy, dry, over exfoliating, + product junkie tester. 

Usually,  I leave the Tazorac  on and head to bed. In the morning, wash, tone,moisturize, +SUNSCREEN. I carry powder sunscreen with me.

In terms of products, I’ve tried it all and in my 20 yr battle there is no one size fits all. I think the key is to figure out what mix triggers it  for you whether it be hormones, anxiety, genetics, stress, food, sweat... then plan a regime accordingly and if possible see a dermatologist. Hope this helps.

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