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Basically ive suffered from acne for around 8 or so years (Im 22 now) though has been fairly mild but still very annoying.
Last year i went to the doctor and was prescribed a lotion anitbiotic for my face and it worked for around 6 months then stopped working
So i went back to my GP and they prescribed me Lymecycline and BP which worked very well for around 4 months (Which is now) and now my acne has started to re appear again, especially on my back being the worst as i only apply BP to my face and i get a couple of white puss spots every week which do clear up but scarring is there and dry flaky skin.

Ive tried billions of other creams, washes and whatever else and they dont clear my acne up.
But here is the dilema, I am migratting soon to another country, possibly within the next month, and I dont know what to do next as i have another 3 month course of Lymecycline but its not working anymore as i said my bacne is starting to return. 
Do I go to my GP and ask for Roaccutane, another antibiotic, or what do i do because I cant see a dermo as i am leaving the country soon?

I really want to have clear skin, I am 22 and i thought that it would have gone by now but nothing :(

To add,
The Lymecycline cleared me in 2 months, though now 4 months its returned and mainly on my back, is this just a phase and will clear again or is that it now and the acne has become resistant to it?

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Go to a doctor and get a stronger antibiotic minocycline, tetralycline, spriloactone. I'm on trimethroprim antibiotics. Do everything before you try Roaccutane due to side effects. Use a gel cleanser and salosylic acid. sometimes people say diet is a factor but it cud just be to much (sebum) in ur skin in the sebeaceous glands. Acne can be resistant to antibiotics.

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