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BP Questions

I constantly wash my face, would this affect the bp at all?

Also, suppose it starts to rain, should i expect the bp to wash off and bleech what im wearing?

Should i possibly just use it at night? or is it best to use it night/day?

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-Washing your face will wash off the benzoyl peroxide and therefore you wouldn't be following The Regimen

-It is possible that the rain mixing with the benzoyl peroxide on your face could bleach clothes, but it obviously depends on the circumstances

-If you cannot tolerate the dryness or are too busy in the morning to do The Regimen, you may still get positive results with a once per day application. I have done once a day, but it's slightly less effective...

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^ regradless of whether you use bp or not, washing constantly can cause more dryness and irriatation to your skin. for me, if i wash more than twice daily, it tends to produce more oil to make up for the loss moisture = greasy face. try to control this habit to only two face washes a day.

i only use bp at night because during the day, i'll tend to have the urge to check, touch, wash, reapply, and who else knows what...

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Thanks Joel and lame_jane;

I asked about the rain because it seems I always get caught in it (damn Murphy), and I also grouped that with ski/snowboarding, if I plan on going snowboarding I should not bother putting bp on my face that day? And I would hate to come into a house after it rained and be dripping enough to bleech thier things. :/

I guess I could just stick to doing it at night, see what happens.

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