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Advice on acne scars / redness?

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Hey, guys
I have been suffering from acne for 3 years now. I have tried many different products to help reduce my acne scars. I have tried aloe vera, tea tree oil, and The Ordinary cream, etc.I have read a lot of good reviews about the Acne regime, and  I was wondering if it will work well for me. 

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Bit confused, ... you say "acne" then "acne scars." Which is it?

None of those things will work for acne scars. I have no idea what we are treating so a picture would be helpful for scars. If it's acne that needs to get under control before considering anything else. 

If your curious about the acne.org routine, ... please post in that sub as they would have more info regarding product. 

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Your main issue is not Acne scarring but PIE or redness, ... wounding post acne. This can take a year to heal. For ethnic skin picosure is great for this and minor scars. V-beam is also a laser for redness.

You have minor scars, ... I cannot tell from the pic, ... scars make shadows. Perhaps you need subcision for the deeper pits. HA filler can be used, prp, saline, or "meso."

TCA cross or paint on (spot peel inside of the pit) works for icepicks and or some of those linear scars. Several treatments are needed.

You can then do a laser resurfacing or some peels (this might not be necessary as your scars are very minor in the pic). 

Everything is optional. Stop at any time. Treat when you have time and money. 3 months between treatments.

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