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accutane journey 22F,10mg,45kg+ lpics

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Long story short Ive been put on antibiotic and  all those kinds of oral acne meds to no avail. My acne came with a vengeance at 16 and while I had managed to tame it down then with simple creams, it doubled over and came full force when I hit 21. Ever since then it started becoming worse to the point where my doctor suggested roaccutane. Im starting with a pretty low dose of 10mg... I wanted to ask my doctor to up the dose but I guess I shd see the side effects first. 

Ive done my pcos and depression test and Im finally clear. Phew. 

Before accutane : 
There were also some hidden bumps beside my nose and forehead... it was the worst my skin had been. I was using climdamycin and an anti bacterial face wash prescribed by my previous doctor ( not the one who put me on tane)

Week 1 
 Routine : wash face twice a day with cleanser from my tane doctor , reapplying aloe vera gel continuously in the day when Im home while i use a mosturizer and clindoxyl at night to spot treat. If I head out during the day Id only use aloe as a mask and then go onto applying mosturizer and sunscreen. Every 3 days i also spot treat with a clay mask for 10mins. I know I should try to be gentle but some whiteheads look really ugly... 

- just abit of dryness for lips and nose 
- my skin feels abit redder and rougher than usual
- i think i purged a little on the last day of the week? ... most cysts or bumps then have emerged into whiteheads and i have 2 new bumps but I hope they go down soon since I have a party this weekend.Wonder if that even counted as an IB ? Hopefully it doesnt get that much worse or any worse...
- I have 1-2 small new spots near my chin but i reckon its probably because AF is coming very soon :( 

Lets try to stay positive .... its bad enough you have annoying family members pointing out your acne sigh. 


Not too sure what to do on the scarring but I’ll tackle those when im done with this course at least. Aloe has really been calming and helping my skin thankfully. 

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Hi I got put on trimethroprim antibiotics today went to my derm on Monday he needs to put u on a low dose first due to side effects with the liver. they told me also u need to wait 3 months to see improvement.best wishes 

I think salosylic acid wud help ur scars xx

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Thanks Michelle! Yeah Im reckoning thats why Im on a low dose too.

So Week 2 update : 

AF came knocking and so did new zits YAY. To make it worse I think it was also when my skin started to “purge” because Id have new big whiteheads every day. Also I came down with a little flu right after the party I went to. 

No pics to update sadly because my phone finally died 2 days ago :( (hey was using it for a couple of years) and Im going to be getting a new one tmr or this weekend. Iphone xs anyone? Jk accutane has already eaten my wallet. Anyway  

Routine hasnt changed 

- well my lips have definitely started peeling abit and Im reaching for lip balm everday now 
- definitely purging and the time of the month pimples also came so it was eugh. The pimples near my nose last week came to ugly heads and i also have small whiteheads on my left cheek now
- i have this one big zit on my forehead, but its healing. Two new ones on my chin now though ugh. 
- i also have the area below my jawline and neck break out horrendously but now theyve healed atm theres only one small pimple there 
- theres some small little whiteheads above my upper lip, i wonder if its the new lippie I wore during the party which made it that way :( 

I find like Im breaking out abit more but the turnover of the zits are super fast? Well I guess Id have to get through this purging phase!! To everyone on tane purging, let’s brave it on guys. Hopefully this purging wont last very long...

I’ll start school soon next week so let’s hope my skin calms down before then.

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Still week 2 update:

I had a minor nosebled today :( I have a new phone now so behold! Horrendous pictures :) also I took this before I used mosturizer so its completely bare. I dont know which bravery potion I drunk today to even post this

- Pretty sure Im still in my IB phase, have like 2 huge whiteheads on my forehead, one huge one beside my nose. The area below my left jaw became abit bumpy.
- Skin is prettty red and bumpy overall. Probably comedones coming out. Agh. 
- Maybe I was too positive :( oh well the only good news i guess is Im breaking out lesser than a few days ago? 

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B30126CC-1D06-47EC-9061-F707238DE326.thumb.jpeg.4d40bc2018c254840f30c4ed350d2d08.jpegWeek 3

After a review and a blood test my doc decided to up my dose to 20mg now and suddenly I HAVE LIKE AN EXPLOSION OF PIMPLES It’s only been 3 days in since my dose upped but man my skin now feels like sandpaper with comodones coming to the surface. 

I have small spots near my upper cheek which have like white and yellow heads and one big one above my eyebrow. have a bump here and there too... Oh god I look really bad I dont even want to go to school tomorrow... Uggghh it feels REALLY depressing to take a picture but oh well :’) 

As you can see gloriously breaking out 

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Hey Alice, 
How are you doing now?
My dose is also upped from 10 to 20 after 2 weeks. It's been couple of days I am on 20. no major side effects other than dry lips.

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