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Can I use ketoconazole cream instead of nizoral shampoo for yeast bumps?

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My entire forehead has been covered in yeast bumps ever since I was a kid (bad hygiene due to parental neglect... I've been working really hard to clear my skin and only recently found out you can't get rid of those forehead bumps with regular products).

I read that nizoral shampoo which contains ketoconazole works really well for it, but the problem is that it's not easy to get in my country, and for my budget it's way too expensive (over 14 euros for 120ml).

Thing is, I do still have a pretty full tube of actual ketoconazole cream from a past treatment for a yeast infection on the back of my head that is still good. Would it be okay to use this instead of the shampoo? It doesn't sting or anything but I'm not sure if it would have the same effect as the shampoo or if it would have side effects if you use it for long.

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2 hours ago, VulneraryRain said:

Check the expiration date. Secondly are you sure its not closed comedones. I wouldnt self diagnose yourself and try a treatment thats not right.

It's not expired yet, the treatment I had it for was recent. They're not closed comedones, I do have some of those too but on my cheeks and chin. These are not the same. These bumps have been on my forehead since I was a young teen and don't react to any kind of product. They're underneath my skin which means unlike comedones you can't extract them either. So I don't know what else it could possibly be other than yeast bumps/folliculitis, which is exactly what they look like anyway...
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4 hours ago, VulneraryRain said:

You cant extract closed comedones though, you can extract clogged pores, but closed comedones dont go away unless it turns into a pimple.

They can be extracted.. lots of things fall under closed comedones, like milia for example (extractable, and fall off on their own). A closed comedone is caused by oil and/or skin cells clogging a hair follicle. Like I said, that isn't that. My issue is underneath the skin. There is no follicle to puncture and drain because they're not clogged follicles/pores whatever. They're little swellings underneath my skin caused by excess yeast.

Anyways, someone told me the answer that I needed which is yes it's safe to use the actual cream instead of the shampoo. That's all I wanted to know.
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