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Dont quit benzoyl peroxide, the breakout afterwards is severe.

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Back in April I stopped using BP... like many others, I read up about long term affects of using it and how it can be damaging to your skin. Well, I regret it. Looking back, that’s when my skin started acting up. What’s damaging to your skin is acne. Shortly after weaning myself of BP, I broke out into a million closed comedones. Miserable. After much distress I went back to BP. The purging stage is REAL OMG. Almost all of the CC have turned into big, red inflamed pimples and some cysts. My face is an embarrassing disaster and I’m waiting for my referral to see the dermatologist again. I attached two pics. One is when I had mostly CC, the second pic is now - big red inflamed acne. I regret ever quitting BP and will stick to it from now on... I live in a climate with heat and humidity and pollution, plus I’m acne prone. ...and there’s nothing I can do about those factors. BP it is. I just hope this purging ends soon because it’s so so depressing. I am however glad that closed comedones are almost gone, it just sucks that they have to erupt into volcanoes to go away. 



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Indeed once your on BP its for life like any medication or topical you use. For me I did too stop BP and weaned off it and I got clogged pores again too and they do indeed had to turn into a pimple to be gone, but thats life. Us acne sufferers gotta be persistent with our regimen tk stay clear. Dont worry once thise limples go itll be okay. Closed comedones are really a pain in the bum though.

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