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My Journey With DIM and Vitex

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I feel like the more stories we have the better chance we can help each other. So I'll do a little bit of a background here. I try to eat mostly clean, but my boyfriend loves sweets. He can't go one night without them. He always asks if I want some and sometimes its hard to say no. I don't drink soda's if I do its rare, and I try to go for healthier options at most places. I'm 22 going on 23 in November of this year, and I started breaking out when I was 20. Beginning of the year actually. For a long time, I thought it was karma for my wrongdoings in life. Maybe so, but I think there were other causes. I got pregnant at 21 and my acne cleared up completely, so I know it is a hormonal issue.  I didn't realize this until last month. I started taking Estro-block to help balance it, and a low dosage of vitex in case my progesterone is low. It's going on 2 weeks now and I want to talk about the ups and downs of it all, and keep you updated as I go. In the first week, I noticed a calmer face and no new breakouts. I loved thinking this could actually work for me so I started doubling it. I think that's where most people mess up. So essentially I think DIM is detoxing your body of all the toxic build up over the years. That sounds crazy but it makes sense considering the government allows trace amounts of toxins in bottled water, tap water, fruits, veggies, meats, processed foods, and preservatives for some of those foods. We live in a toxic world. Its no wonder acne is an epidemic, and get this, it's among adults. Your Liver from what I've read is probably been back up with toxins so its going to take a minute to flush out. I've been taking something for my liver along with everything. On the second week, when I doubled I noticed a few breakouts, but they are healing fairly quick. It is a dishearting to still see active breakouts even though others don't have the same problem. I will say that this bump in the road will not deter me from taking it. My face would tingle all day, and it hardly does that now. I also know they say when taking vitex it can give you the worst skin you've ever had but then it gets better. I've thought about stopping that. I'm not sure though. As far as my skin routine goes I use warm water to wake my skin up in the morning and pat my skin dry with a clean towel. I then apply a vitamin E, D, & A cream. Sometimes I use a clean jade roller to close my pores, or just around my eyes to stop puffiness. I often wonder though if the jade roller can spread active acne. Let me know! At night I will wet my face first with warm water then wash with a green tea tree oil face wash. It's the same thing I do in the morning just I wash it with that face wash. Let me know your thoughts on DIM, Liver cleanses, and Vitex. Should I be taking Vitex with this? If you were/are taking DIM when did you start seeing results, and did you have up and downs like me? I'll be back on here in a couple of weeks or even sooner to give another update on my skin! Peace, Love, and Clear Skin!

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