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Low Dose Accutane / TCA Cross / Subcision / Scar Revision

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Hi guys,

I am writing this to help and to get helped by people who are suffering from acne (and scars) like me..

I am 26 years old Asian guy and I live in Canada.

I have taken a full regular dose Accutane course about 2 years ago. I was cleared up after taking Accutane for about 7months and stayed acne free for about 6 months but it left me a lot of severe acne scars.. After 6 months, it started breaking out again, nothing really serious though. Acne was pretty much moderate and under control but the major problem was severe acne scars left after the course of Accutane.

Recently, I was planning to do some scar revision treatments and have scheduled TCA CROSS + Subcision. At this time I had only few active acnes on my face, so my Dr prescribed me low dose Accutane to make my acne under control before the treatment (my Dr said it is okay to do TCA Cross and Subcision while on low dose Accutane). I am currently on 10mg/day, 8th day, but Initial Break out started I believe.. 

Currently, I have few whiteheads, several small bumps on both side of my face.. 3 stubborn red acnes that stayed at least 2 weeks on my face which seems to be never come up to the head surface.

Those new acnes basically become white heads > dry up > fall  off one day eventually > become brown spot. I have gotten at least 15 brown spots for past 2-3months..

I decided to postpone  my scheduled treatment because I was certain that it is not a good idea to do any type of scar revision treatment with active acne on my face. I am going to take low dose Accutane for maybe few more weeks/months until my active acnes are fully under control and then going to start treating my acne scars. (I am planning to take low dose Accutane for at least one year btw).

I am planning to update this thread until I finish treating my acne (low does Accutane) and acne scars (Subcision + TCA Cross + ETC)..I will keep it updated.. I am planning to upload pictures too. or 1-8 days 
- Initial Break out is happening
- No side effects are shown
- Acnes are getting dried up a little bit faster
- Few more little bumps appeared

for 9-10 days
- I skipped taking Accutane today, decided to take 10mg/ every other day
- Few stubborn ones seem to finally come up to the head
- 3-4 new acnes
- Many brown Spots
- Many small bumps on forehead and 2 new acnes in mian (I usually never break out on forehead/mian)
- Definitely dry lip
- Hair Thinning

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