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Time to heal my scars

What's up everyone. I'm new here. Pretty excited because since I was 14, I've had some sort of acne damage to my face. Basically, severe acne until about 18, then I pretty much stopped having acne after that, but have had a bunch of scars for the past 12 years (I'm 30 now). I had the kind of acne that grows under the skin, that really painful liquid that pushes on your skin, like a volcano (One time it shot into my ceiling when it came out of my face). I'm definitely guilty of not handling it properly, and squeezing my face, but I had no idea how to deal with the pain at the time. In general, I would say having the scars doesn't completely bother me, but it's definitely a lingering thing that I wish I didn't have.

Anyway, I'm glad there is something we can try doing to knock these out. It would be a great feeling to know what having a normal face is like. I would say the damage is mostly in my cheek area and less so my forehead, as those were the places that really got hit hard. I also had the same thing on my neck, so the scars look similar on there, but I'm less concerned about that.

What do you think would be a good direction to go as far as what kind of treatment to get? I've done some research but really don't know where to start. I've had a dermatologist tell me to use filler type stuff, but I'm not sure if there is a better, more permanent method.





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Hi there,

You have rolling scars with fat deficiency. You forehead looks good. 

I would do 3-4 subcisions nokor or cannular subcision with filler (sculptra or HA). We use filler at the early stages as a spacer not as a volumizer (latter on). 

Rf microneedling 3-4 sessions. space them 3 months apart between your subicsions. Another option is 3-7% co2 laser which is low density and the highest power as a alternative. 

I would finalize once things are most level with a ablative erbium resurfacing (laser) or a deep peel for texture.

Filler and subicison will help you most.

I would never start with a permanent filler because we are seeing how much your body can heal naturally. HA filler can be used as a volumizer for individual pits.  once you do some treatments, ... Sculptra could work and then latter HA as I mentioned. RF needling stimulates the sculptra. Once you like fillers, if you still need a long  lasting filler do Bellafill (permanent fillers can make permanent problems so see how you heal naturally first).

Treat when you have time and money, no rush.


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