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Hello, Im not really sure whats going on, ive never had acne just minor spots here and there. But as soon as ive turned 19 ive been getting really quite constant and severe breakouts over the past 3 months, progressively getting worse in my opinion,  99% located underneath my mouth and just above my chin. Ive tried different products such as Vit C Serum, Salicylic acid face wash, non-comedogenic moisturizer and nothing seems to really stop or lessen the breakouts if anything makes the acne seem redder and swollen, im also very white so the redness of pimples stands out ALOT, is there also anyway to deal with this aswell. I have a feeling it may be cystic and hormonal acne, Is the only way to stop cystic or hormonal by seeing a doctor or dermatologist. Any help on what products and maybe foods i should avoid to stop this occurring as regularly. Any help would be really great, Thanks.


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Acne medication takes 4-6 months dont expect a quick fix. Judging by your pictures it doesnt seem like cystic acne hust inflammed pimples.Stick to a regimjne for months before saying it does or does not work. And yes chin jawline acne is hormonal. 

Avoid junk food, greasy food, takeout, processed sugar, foods high in gluten.
You can try benzoyl peroxide, BHA or tretinoin gel.

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