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Healed From Cystic Acne After 10 Years

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Hi everyone! I'm not recommending any medicine or creams but I can share my experience in hopes that it might help. If you are tired of looking in the mirror and hating the reflection that stares back at you, if  you cringe at the thought of people seeing you without makeup on, if you often feel judged because of the condition of your skin as though it’s your fault, if you feel ashamed at the way that you look, if you feel helpless because you don't know what to do or where to turn, I know exactly how you are feeling

I had cystic acne for 10 long years (from 15-25) and felt ALL of those things! I honestly just thought that was it, there was never a time when I didn't have a pimple on my face. I felt like makeup would make it worse so I didn't always wear it, and then you just feel like everyone is always looking at you like there's something wrong with you. Some would feel sympathetic towards me which just made it even worse and to drive home the fact that there was something wrong with me. i was always in pain, physically and/or mentally. I tried tetracycline in my teens but i didn't want to live on pills for the rest of my life so i didn't continue with it. tried lots of different things from washing my face with sea salt, (dabbing it with dettol - very stupid) applying seudocrem, even using proactiv all the way to the most expensive skin care products with the dermatologist. They either did nothing or only made it worse. 

I remember just being 25, had my first baby, and hoped that maybe somehow the change in hormones from pregnancy would like reboot my system and somehow give me clear skin, but that didn't work. And when my daughter looked and pointed at my face asking me what that was... it just made me sink inside. I hated my face. And everyday looking in the mirror, being reminded of what was wrong, just sucked. 

I just remember waking up every morning and looking in the mirror, the state of my skin literally ruled every area of my thought life. Without even knowing, it had just consumed me. And i was just afraid that i would never be pretty.

Working with people in the past to help them receive healing, it always kind of hurt that I couldn't get healed myself.  I knew that the problem was below the surface, it was something inside, but I didn't know what else. In fact it wasn't until I actually started challenging those thoughts and beliefs internally, that things changed for me. 

The big shift really was when I realised how much I had subconsciously identified myself as a person with acne. Like that was my identity. And something just rose up within me and said you know what, I don't accept that. I just decided that I was done, I had enough, and I was going to believe that I was healed. That living with acne was not my portion. 

It might sound really simple, but we have a lot more authority over our bodies then we realise. And so something just rose up within me, and I decided that I didn't have to identify myself as an acne sufferer anymore. It didn't clear up in my teens like it usually does, so there was nothing else I was waiting for. This was it. And if it was going to go away, then I had to change what I believed. And so as hard as it was,  I just started looking in the mirror and telling myself that I love myself, looking at the acne and saying you are just a symptom, you have no right in my body and you have to leave. And just believing that i had a right to be  healed and I wasn't going to be afraid anymore, and I didn't have to carry this "identity" any longer. Now I don't believe that is the only part in the equation, as we are physical bodies and our skin is just an indicator of what's going on inside whether it be physical or mental. I think our diets play a huge role. And so I did use wisdom and started drinking more water instead of juice because of the high sugar content, but that was pretty much the ONLY change in my diet. But there are so many who eat good and still suffer so like i said (only part of the equation). 

Our cells in our body they respond to what we think and what we say, i think this is why depression and negative thoughts can really affect our skin so much. Sometimes its fear that keeps that acne continuing in our body. Because we give so much attention to it. Every time we look in the mirror, it "speaks" to you, and so we feed it with our fears and worry. We're always checking on it, seeing if its still there, if it's gotten any better. It like consumes all our life and thoughts. And then it obviously becomes a circle, with the acne causing more negative thoughts. I read somewhere that whenever we have skin problems, it's almost always related to our thoughts. There is some sort of toxicity in our bodies that is trying to escape, but because of the fear that we attach to the acne, we harbor it in our bodies and it doesn't get to leave. (Of course the condition of our skin obviously correlates to what we are eating as well, but if thats the case then it clears up when rectified). But those other persistent long-seated issues, is something else going on. 

Anyways, long story short, it obviously wasn't overnight, but the more i worked on what i believed, the more i saw a change. Within 6 weeks everything cleared and I no longer suffer from acne. i never thought that it was possible for me but it did happen once i started changing the way i thought. The only thing I use on my skin is a tea-tree cream once in a while. And It's been 4 years now. I remember finding a video of me from like 8 years ago and I couldn't believe how bad it was. I guess I was just so used to it, but looking back now that my skin is clear, I realise how much it has really changed. Last year my mom actually commented on my skin and that it looks really pretty (that was without any makeup or anything). That has never happened in my life. I thought I was plagued forever but letting go of that fear, and believing that I could be healed is what did it for me. 

Not sure if that resonates with you at all, but i'd be happy to answer any questions to help you out.

I have a couple photos (one from before and after) the old one is not good quality but you can see all the bumps on my face. now i have faded scars from before but thats all and even those have cleared in time. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 14.33.12.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 14.35.51.png

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Well, I have some doubts, but I don't think you are lying because to be honest you have no reason too. Thing is that even if that worked in your case, what makes you think it would work for anybody else? 
Although I agree with general idea to not let acne ruin your life, it can be really bad but we have choice how we react. I doubt this can make real physical change, but it can change life

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