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How I cured my acne- it's an inside job

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As a person with very stubborn acne, I've struggled with my skin for more than 10 years. I wanted to share with anyone who is interested on how to solve their problem completely. You're getting the shortcut of what I've been through with all of the experimentation, so consider yourselves lucky :). Here we go:

AM routine in the kitchen
1. Turmeric and water drink
2. Collagen powder drink
3. Detox tea- 1 cup of warm water, 1 tsp lemon. 1tsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp honey, dash of cayenne pepper, dash of cinnamon powder
4. Smoothie with spinanch, pear, aloe vera plant and ginger (blender needed)
5. Probiotics for acne (expensive). Right now I'm using 3 types.
6. Multivitamin, zinc, fish oil, cod liver oil. vitamin A, saw palmetto, vitamin c, selenium, vitamin d, spirulina, flush niacin, l-carnitine, vitamin b 12 (and any other vitamins you or someone else might consider helpful; I take about 10 pills a day)
7. Green matcha tea powder (with cashew milk and a little sugar)

face wash 2x/day
1. Neostrata glycolic acid foaming face wash (a bit expensive)
2. differin gel from the dermatologist

1. The diet that I follow is Keto/Paleo diet. Meat, nuts, vegetables and some low glycemic index fruits. No dairy at all. Gluten free, grain free at all times. No sugar. 
2. 8 cups of water hydration throughout the day.

Scar Treatment
For scar treatment I use derminator, I bought it online for $200. I also have chemical peels. 

9 hours of sleep and no stress is best along with some exposure to natural sunlight for 5-10 minutes (I take my dog out for a walk).

that's basically it, folks. It's an inside job.


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