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SO is 23, what is this?

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Male 24 started getting adult acne 1 year ago, seems to be cystic. It also usually comes and goes but more recently seems to be getting worse. He now has a large very raised lump on his forehead which is incredibly painful at all times. Other symptoms include painful scalp, swollen lympnodes on his left upper jaw and neck, and constant exhaustion/fatigue. He says it feels like someone pulled all of his hair out and has a burning sensation across the left side of his head and to his left eyeball. Opening his eye hurts him more and it feels like second degree burns on his face. 

We have an appointment with a dermatologist in 1.5 weeks for intake but we aren't sure what to do for immediate action. He has been taking Aleve for 1.5 days now which hasn't really kicked in yet to reduce swelling. 

If anyone has suggestions on what to do now or knows what this is and how to treat it any help would be graciously welcomed. He is in constant pain and it is negatively impacting his life and his self esteem. 

I have attached a picture of the lump on his forehead. 


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If what your saying is true and the lumps are big it probably is cystic acne. The worst kind the sever kind I can see why he has pain because the inflammation hurts especially when pus is trapped deep inside. If its really severe im sure the doctor or you would reccomend Accutane. It may get worse and the strmart but itll clear out later down the line. Or he can prescribe tretinoin gel not cream thats applied on face. In both matters your husband is most likely going to suffer because with acne it first gets worse before it gets better. You just need to give him moral support becauae the side effects if accutane are pretty big I suggest you researching that. I also suggest him cutting dairy out from his life, processed sugar, junk food, research the glycemic index basiaclly shows what food rise your blood levels high making your skin lrone to acne. Go gluten free. Still thought judging by your picture it doesnt seem as bad because usually pimples or sever cases have wgitehead pus on the head but it seems like its just pimpls that comes ans goes for your husband. If so maybe Benzoyl peroxide might work to reduce all the inflammation. I also suggest you looking into what type of things you wash and put on your face. Please google acne.org comedogenic list it should have a whole range of ingridients that afffect acne. Hopefully this helps.

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