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spot dermabrasion

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I have two ice-pick like scars that are bothering me and my PS recommended dermabrasion only to level out the skin, just in the area where the scars are. He said excision was not necessary. Does this sound right? I am concerned b/c all of the other doctors I have talked to recommended excision and dermabrasion. Could dermabrasion alone only make it look worse? Also, does your skin eventually go back to its original pigment or is it always a little off. Any advice would be extremley helpful, thanks

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Hi, you might want to look into getting punch floats or punch grafts. You could get a spot dermabrasion after a while to smooth them even more. A dermabrasion by itself is an awful way to approach icepicks, imho. I am sure your scars are far worse to you then they are your surgeon, if you catch my meaning. idea.gif

From the FAQ:

Q: What is Punch Excision & Dermal Grafting?

A: Punch Excision is a procedure whereby a Dr. will use a tool to “punch out� the scar and then sew the remaining skin together. Dermal grafting is a procedure whereby a Dr. removes skin from a different part of your body (usually from behind the ear) and places it into the scar. Ice picks are often treated this way.


Btw, Dermal grafting = what I meant by punch grafts

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