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Any help identifying what these bumps plaguing my chin are?

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I can't identify what these bumps are. I've been trying to get rid of them for- no exaggeration-- 10 years now (I'm 21). I don't think they're scars because I got them before I ever got pimples. They can get more or (slightly) less prominent depending on what I put on them but they've never gone away entirely. These ONLY exist on my chin and don't exist anywhere else on my body. One derm said he thought it was closed comedones and maybe some milia but only prescribed differin and sent me on my way, and unfortunately I haven't seen a change since then. I tried extracting one years back but it didn't really work. This is driving me insane! 

(Both photos were taken this morning, but in different lights)

I've tried a salicylic acid wash, 5% benzoyl peroxide, BP pads, Differin, moisturizers, clay masks, sulfur, the whole nine yards. I wash my face every day and apply sunscreen when I go out. I change my pillow cases often. I've tried cutting and limiting dairy, and I drink PLENTY of water. THoughts and insight GREATLY appreciate, thank you

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Hormonal related. It does look like closed comedones to me as well. Second those bha washs and anyrhing related to do with medication that you wash wont work as it isnt on yiur skin for long and the PH is disturbed. BHA need a ph of 3-4 for it to work and most companies have a high PH which makes it obsolete. Find companies that state the PH of their BHA. Second how long did you try a routinr out weeks months? For a medication topical to work you have to give it 4 -8 months even more to truly see its benefits. It will get worse before it gets better, but keep uo with the program. Secondly look at the ingridient I cant stress this enough just because a company says BHA Benzoyl PEROXIDE it dosent mean that they dont use comedogenic ingridients as well esp fragrance. Closed comedomes usually have to become pimples for it to go away ib my case as the plug that vlocks the oilway underneath the skin needs to get released. Btw just because you use a higher % benzoyl peroixde it makes no difference between 2.5% I suggest you buy acne.orgs BP it lasts months too. Dairy needs to be cut completely. Like COMPLETELY hormonal problems are exasberated by dairy. Cut refined sugar and junk food. CUT IT. When I got acne I was so paronoid I only ate fresh chicken breast for a year lost a lot of weight its doable. Gl.

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