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So for the last 2 months I had a small skin colored cyst on my cheek. (I could tell it was not a pimple because it didn’t go away for two months.) Anyway I went to my doctor before coming back to school. (Normal doctor, couldn’t get a derm. appt. soon enough) and he said “as a doctor my advice is to use the product Differin to treat your skin with medicine, but I would also say pricking it with a sterile needle isn't a bad idea.” Long story short I finally pricked the stupid thing today (regret that) and the red mark on my cheek that it left behind after squeezing everything out is pretty big, bigger than the original cyst pimple thing and it's BRIGHT RED.  It’s just making me nervous because it’s stayed pretty red all day and I don’t know what to do.  I shouldn't have squeezed so hard... Anyway if anyone has recommendations I’d love to hear them. I went out and got some Differin to just start using anyway but I’m not sure if that matters at this point.  The time frame for all this is I pricked it this morning around 11am and its now 1am and the pictures are what it looks like now.  For most of the day today I had a bandaid on it with neosporin.  Sorry to ramble on I just wanted to make sure I explained everything.

Face Crater.jpg

Face Crater 2.jpg

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