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Sweetjade, Denise2, Maya

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I was just wondering how sweetjade, Denise2 and Maya did their liverflushes? I was wondering what you did prior to the flush and what you took to do the flush? I was hoping to be able to do one without taking any salts such as epsom salts at all. Do any of you do liverflushes without the epsom salts and without fasting? I would appreciate any info on the way you do them. Thanks. biggrin.gif

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Maya doesn't post here anymore, and I'm not sure how many flushes SweetJade has done. I know that JC and Lumas have done quite a few. I don't use epsom salts; way too hard on the kidneys. If you can take artichoke extract while you flush, that would probably help bile production. Julia Chang at www.sensiblehealth.com has great herbs as well. I don't take any of them now, since I'm stone free at this point, and only flush for maintenance. The malic acid in apple cider and apple cider vinegar DO help break down and soften stones, as does Gold Coin Grass, an herb that Julia Chang sells as well, but I don't think it is AS effective as it seems to soften stones pretty good, but break them down, I'm not sure.

I just drink a whole bottle of magnesium citrate, a mild laxative you can get at the drug store in the laxative sections. I do this upon waking, the day after I drink the oil/juice mixture.

You don't need to fast in order to flush. Just eat lightly; carbs, fruit. No fats or proteins.

Remember to take psyllium and bentonite to clean out stones, or do enemas the day you are passing stones, or the next day. I didn't do that at the beginning of flushing because I didn't know I should, and I broke out from trapped toxins. Get that stuff out asap!

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So you do not do epsom salt huh? Wow, thats good cause I tried it and oh my god it is aweful. So what exactly do you do for you cleanse?

At night drink olive oil and grapefruit?

Waking up do enemas or bentonite drinks or magnesium drink?

Is this right? Does this work well for getting rid of stones? Please get back to me cause I want to do a cleanse.

Thank you.

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The first 5 flushes I did, I used epsoms. Then I started experimenting with different flushes. I've run across at least 10 different kinds of flushes on the net. At Curezone, there is a classic coke flush; I did that one, and it uses no epsoms as well. It's not as uncommon as people think. Lots of people don't use epsoms, though it may be beneficial for people who have hard, calcified stones, to dilate the bile ducts. But I drink the olive oil/juice mixture. I wake up and first thing take magnesium citrate. You can start taking the bentonite and psyllium sometime in the afternoon. I did 2-3 of those the day I pass stones, and I always remove more stones the next day as a result. You can do an enema or whatever the day you pass stones if you want. For some people it's not necessary, but I know that for me, it was. I broke out terribly on my 3rd flush because I didn't know that all the trapped toxins would wreak so much havoc. It never happened again, though.

This works well for me. Remember, when the liver contracts, it dumps the stones/cholesterol balls, whatever you want to call them. However, getting them out of the colon is the next step in having a successful flush.

I have done 15 flushes and havn't used epsoms since my 5th flush with no problems at all whatsoever. Another thing that helps is to do a castor oil pack over the liver to dilate bile ducts.

Good luck.

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