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cant get rid of spots + redness- pic included

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I have no idea what to do with my skin anymore. A dermatologist suggested benzoyl peroxide cream a while ago but it only got rid of a few breakouts here and there. I don’t really know what’s going on with skin my anymore- it’s really red. I don’t know if it’s something to do with hormones, my diet, my skincare routine ?? Could someone suggest what’s happening and what products I could use pls ! :((


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Hey, so I would say that the best thing to begin with is a proper diet. Eliminate dairy, gluten and sugar. And have more vegetables, probiotics and omega 3s, message me anytime on this. And more as well on the diet will give you a clear skin.
Later on you can incorporate more skincare routines with serums etc.
Take care :)

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Acne is a very tricky beast.  Very few of us have only 1 trigger.  With this in mind, you may need to incorporate several things to see some improvement.  As AcneVM mentioned, it's worth getting your diet in gear if not for your skin then at least for your health.  This personally has not helped my acne but it has helped my digestion, weight, etc.  If your skin is very sensitive, then proceed with BP with caution....it could make things that much worse, even if it does nothing for your acne.  as for products, i can only say gentler is better to start.  Get a good cleanser and moisturizer that you like and try them for a few weeks to see how your skin reacts.  Most importantly, keep a positive mindset.  Speak positivity into your life....this can do wonders getting you through the worse of things.

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I agree skincare routine - clean your make up brushes , a new pillowcase every week, don't use foundations - only non comedogenic products, diet - what there saying above less sugar more water, Well I'm giving Azealic acid a go.try a gel cleanser as it helps alot more - don't squeeze pimples, oil free moisturizer, suncream.

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