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Tried everything and my acne wont go 3 years later. Cut out dairy?

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Hi everyone,

I’m looking at getting advice on how to finally clear my acne that I’ve had from age 16 to now 19. Here’s my backstory. (Male from the UK).

I had cystic moderate acne on my face for about a month aged 16 before I finally went to the doctors. I was prescribed lymecycline capsules (antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cream. It worked and did clear the cystic acne to some extent. About a year in I swapped benzoyl peroxide for adapalene because the BP was too drying on my skin. At 18 I was taken off prescription acne drugs because they said I didn’t need it however I was frustrated because I still didn’t  have clear skin. I started proactive and again saw an improvement but still no clear skin as advertised. A year on and I still don’t know what to do, I feel like I’ve tried it all all. I’m 19 and I thought hormones would have settled by now. Also my brother got mild acne, went onto proactive and it cleared within months and he now has perfect skin. Why didn’t this happen to me?

Should i go back to my doctor? I’m also looking into cutting out dairy and see if this helps at all. Anyone else seen an improvement without dairy? 
I would say at the moment I get spots on my T zone regularly but I do get the odd clear week. Spots on my neck/jawline area are constant. I wash my face twice a day with a daily salicylic acid cleanser and then use proactive spot treatments on problem areas. 

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Hey, I agree that the BP can dry out the skin for sure, and if you don't see improvements then it is fine to let go and look for other improvements.
Yes dairy is definetily a food item which can cause acne, but also gluten, sugar, processed food etc.

Eliminate this and more (just message me on the diet if you want) and instead introduce healthy food; vitamins, fruits, healthy fats and more. After this you will see big changes!

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