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Magnesium Oil is working!!

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On 8/12/2018 at 6:48 PM, Nettie25 said:

However, I was reading articles from NIH’s site and their research found that Magnesium oil alone doesn’t seem to have antiseptic properties BUT it does when combined with citrus oil

Are you able to link to the information around this?

I'm only using MO on it's own. As I said, I nervous to incorporate a citrus oil as previously when I tried using it I felt like it irritated my sensitive skin. However, if there is some evidence that suggests MO will work better alongside the oil I'm willing to give it a try.
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On 9/17/2018 at 2:32 PM, Nettie25 said:

It’s the consistency of water so I use it like a toner. I pour like a 1/2 teaspoon maybe less in the palm of my hand, and then rub it all over my face and that’s it.

So you use it like a moisturizer essentially then? Rather than a toner? I mean, you're not adding it to a cotton pad and wiping your face you're actually using your hands and massaging it into the skin?
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Yes, that’s correct. I pour a little into my hand, rub them together and then rub it into my skin. For whatever reason, I haven’t needed moisturizer at all. My skin has been wonderfully hydrated. Plus the Burt’s bees cleanser is very moisturizing so that might be part of the reason. Although I was noticing my hydration issues disappeared before I added the cleanser

Regarding sensitivity to the citrus oil, maybe you didn’t dilute it enough? I’m using 20 drops or so in a whole 4oz bottle of MO. I only started adding the Orange oil because of that article I read


i finally found it again! Lol
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Thanks for finding the link.

So I've been testing MO since Monday last week, this is now day 8 and to be honest I've only seen my skin get worse with each day. I'm concerned this just isn't working for me.

I'm finding my skin feeling irritated every time I use the MO and I'm getting lots of breakouts on my neck (which is a common place for me to breakout) but they look very angry and are sore.

I feel like, if this was working for me, I'd be noticing some kind of improvement by day 8 right? Instead it just seems like it's worse each morning I wake up.

So... I'm not sure this is really benefiting me.

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Well I know everyone’s skin is different so it isn’t guaranteed to work. My purging started to subside after about 2 weeks. So it was very difficult to get thru that time. It brought everything out of my trouble areas like my cheekbones and jawline. It was around 3 weeks before it started looking a lot better. And now it’s been like 10 weeks and my skin feels amazing. My skin feels like silk. The only reason I pushed thru he purge was because I was sure that’s what it was, rather than a bad reaction

The pictures I posted where my skin was TERRIBLE are from like days 6-12.  I would try to stick it out for 2-3 weeks if you can and then evaluate. But obviously you have to do what you think is best. You know your skin best

Also, if you need more encouragement, check out the salt water posts on here. There are no MO posts, but MO is a type of saltwater so i got encouragement from those forums because almost every single person complained about a bad purge at the beginning, being the worst around the second week, and then they all said it got better. Although a few people gave up during the purge. But I think every person that stuck it out raves about how it worked. But I totally understand. I refused to go anywhere for several weeks :( 

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So it's day 10 now and a lot of what was coming out on Sunday/Monday is healing. I'm still having some minor blemishes and pimples come up but it's manageable.

I will continue on with the MO for a while longer. Overall, I have noticed my skin get much dryer and less oilier. I can imagine that's perfect for someone who had oily skin to start with but for me, whose skin was already on the dry side it's been a bit annoying.

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Well maybe try adding a few drops of a very gentle oil like raspberry seed oil, hemp seed oil, or pumpkin seed oil.  I’m glad to hear it’s going better. It was about 3 weeks in that i started finally seeing a drastic improvement.

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Hi Nettie25, are you still using this regimen? How is it going? I read your post and it really gave me hope for my acne. I’ve tried just magnesium gel diluted with water for the past two days and my face is already noticeably different!!! My mom even commented that it looks better and she didn’t know I am trying something new. Anyways, I’m wondering about the long term affects of your regimen... it seems like nothing ever works long term for me, so I’m really hoping this is different. Thanks! 

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Hello!! I haven’t been on here in awhile! Yes my skin is doing wonderfully!! I still use the magnesium oil twice a day most days. I’ve gotten a little lazy and sometimes I just use it once.  I usually splash my face with water in the morning and then use the mg oil and then some type of moisturizer. At night it’s kinda the same thing I just use a mild cleanser to remove any makeup then it’s the mg oil and a moisturizer and that’s it. My skin is pretty much perfect. It’s like 95%. There’s still some slight hyperpigmentation near my cheekbones but I think it will be gone over the summer.  But yeah, still sticking with it and it’s been working for like 6-7 months now!

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