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So, I THINK this is a post acne inflammation, but im not really sure. Worried it will scar

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I had this stupid pimple right in the middle of my forehead back in late May. The pimple went away (I admit, I played with it; stupid I know) but im left with this red mark in the middle of my forehead. The mark has been on my forehead since May. The mark is pretty flat, but its hard to tell. Sometimes in certain angles it kinda looks like the very top layer of skin was scraped off or something, kind of like when you skin your knee after a fall. If i touch it even a little bit, it gets even more red for the rest of the day. The red mark is more noticeable if i tild my head up, where you can really see the contrast.

Normally I wouldnt care about something this minor, but its right in the middle of my forehead so it really bothers me.

I've been using differin gel on it, no idea if its helping or not. But recently I also noticed in the middle of it a white "bump" or something started developing. I cant even tell if its really a bump because it feels so flush against the skin. Its just like a little island in the middle. What could this be? Sometimes it looks like a random piece of skin growing but im not sure. Also, does this indeed look like post acne inflammation, or does it seem scarish/permanent?






I know there are other marks/imperfections but i dont really care about those. They tend to come and go. I just care about the one right in hte middle lol. I have NEVER had one this persistent. 

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Some spots take longer to heal, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It will eventually fade, but you'll probably have to a wait a few more months.


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