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two questions =D

Hey everyone, started the Regimen instead of using Duac and Differin, feel great. I have two questions however.

1. On Dan's video he uses I think half a finger length for his face cuz its mostly the bottom half. My acne is mostly on the bottom half of my face as well. If 1/2 finger for bottom half = full dose, then on the "what to expect" page, it says that for the first 3 weeks i should gradually increase the amount of BP i use. So does that mean I should use only like 1/4 of a finger cuz im only doing the bottom of my face?

2. The area under my eyes and that part of my cheeks stings when I put on the Eucerin Daily Renewal. Do you think this is because of the Lactic Acid that is in it? I've found that the Gillette Complete Skincare Facial SPF-15 Moisturizer doesn't sting my face at all. Has anyone used this? Is it just as good as the Eucerin?



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unfortunately there is no factual answer for how much you should use at first (that i know of) you just have to use what you think you can handle and wait it out to see if you become flaky. if not, gradually increase from there. if so, take it down some.

im pretty sure eucerin daily renewal has AHA in it which will make your skin sting when first starting out on the BP. check the supplies page, dan lists one in particular that is good for beginners.

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