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My natural way of reducing back acne.

Ok guys before i head to work i wanted to share my remedy with you.

I am 36yo guy and my acne started when i was 21, mostly back acne.(It's really bad ,way too many scars now)
I stopped playing sports and started eating junk.

Long story short, i never went to see dermatologist and never tried any other remedies, i just lived with it and 1 month ago i got tired of it.

This is what i do...you can try it might help you too.

First thing i use is mix of sea salt water and lemon.

Simply mix 1 tbs of sea salt with 1/4 cup of water
I usually make 1 cup and then i add 1 fresh lemon juice.

Put it in a spray bottle and spray your back/chest.
Leave it on as long as you can i do this before taking a shower at least 1 hour ahead.

Once i am done with that i take a shower every night before bed, i use African Black Soap (Dudu Osun) .
I use it on my face and body too, no rash at all ,it's all natural.

Once i am done with my shower i follow up with my natural spray/toner.

To make this you will need :

4tbs of organic apple cider vinegar
4 tbs of aloe vera gel 
1 fresh lemon juice
10-15 drops of tea trea oil
Mix it up,put it in a bottle and spray your back/chest
I do not wash this off.

Once i am awake i use this toner again, then 1 hour before shower salt water.
Do this every single day. Don't give up:) 

ps. I do not use any moisturizer after this.

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I did forgot to mention, water for sea salt has to be...purified and boiled.
Also i drink 1-2 cups of green tea with honey and lemon every day.

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