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Downtime infini RF

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Please discuss the treatment with your Dr. Ethnic skin can have longer recovery times. But let's be honest, having microneedling channels / marks is not down time. Down time is crusting, scabbing, oozing, and recovery that makes it impossible to do anything. One can easily slap some makeup on, or not and go about their life with Infini, ... the same as they can do with normal microneedling.

Your skin sensitivity and ability to heal is the key here. If it's overly slow, or sensitive, or you just don't heal well... you will have longer ""down"" time. 

Dr's do not tell the whole truth about this procedure, often saying there is no down time, no side effects, and it's as quick as a facial. The truth is any procedure that works will have down time (especially energy based treatments). We had one girl who had 3 months of down time, ... she had "perfect" skin she said and it ruined everything.  Many are really happy with the results but it will get worse before better, find a qualified practitioner (hundreds of cases).  For YOUR Skin type, ask them...

The best no down time treatment frankly is to do nothing. Ethnic skin types must use retin-a/tretinorin/differin 1 week post treatment and every night before treatment with 1 week break. A konjac and albutin cream is also helpful. Picosure is used for discoloration. 

Laser and peels one can also have down time for 6 months (redness mainly and discoloration).  

If you have doubts, do a test spot on a small area only. Collagen takes about 6 months to build.

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Hi there got my second infini with subcision on the 6 of August and still see redness on my cheeks. I don’t see any improvement yet , but I see rednesson some parts of my face . I really don’t understand how does this works ? 

I got the treatment for my acne scars and now I see redness on top of the scars which don’t look nice at all . Hope that they will settle down with time . 

I think it is pigmentations. 

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