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Please Read - Found my natural cure

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I just made an account because I'd like to share with everyone how I've managed to cure my acne after 5 years (now 20 yr old male). I've searched these forums for a long time and would like to give back.

After years of bad deep cystic acne and scarring, I was looking for a treatment for scarring. I came across an article about Tamanu oil. This is an oil that has amazing healing properties and has been used for hundreds of years but is just now being introduced into America recently. I ordered some online and what I didn't realize was how much it would help for PREVENTING new acne. Since using this product I have not gotten maybe 1 new pimple and its been 2 weeks which is insane for me. On top of this, it's helping heal hyper pigmentation thats been there for months. Everyone should try this.. I have tried every face wash, prescription meds, antibiotics etc. and none has worked like this. Not only that but it's great for your skin and complexion. You can also use on burns and cutest help them heal. All you do is put it on as a moisturizer at night after washing your face. I do it morning as well. I have oily skin but moisturizing with oil has helped balance this out.

I'm not selling anything - I personally use Cammile Q brand tamanu oil from a random seller on ebaybut I don't think the brand matters as much as the quality. It's important to get a cold-pressed, organic brand because the processed oils lose the natural healing properties because the antioxidants are stripped in the process. I recommend ya'll give this a try. It was only like 10-15$ and has been so much more helpful than anything I've ever done. I can eat whatever I want, binge drink, which both have been huge triggers for me and the past and have no problems now. I used to be scared of eating bad stuff and drinking with friends... this is changing now and I can go back to the lifestyle I want.

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