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Pimple wont go away unless I pop it

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Every now and then, I’ll get these colorless, under the skin pimples. They’re kinda hard to see unless you look close or feel around the area. This certain kind of pimple doesn’t go away until I pop it. When I squeeze these, a tiny bit of pus always comes out Bc it’s a tiny opening and it takes a while to get all of it out, but once it’s out it becomes pretty flat and a little bit red and goes away in a few days. I just popped one of those suckers because it had been there for a month. No matter how many masks, pimple creams, or anything I put in it, it still wouldn’t go away and it’s really aggravating. Anyone else have similar acne? Is there a better way to get rid of these or am I just gonna have to pick pop these forever? 

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