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I had been using a strong antibacterial deodorant soap for 3 months when I was staying in the hills with my cousin who told me to use it, didn't have acne then, but now I noticed when i came back my face is really red and has breakouts especially on cheeks where i been rubbin it most. Also, a doctor is really far away. I've tried most everything. 3 months has gone by and still dry and the same. What should i do

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Well, for starters, I hope you've stopped using the soap. wink.gif

It sounds like the problem is the difference in water quality between where you live and where your cousin lives (especially since "the hills" seems to imply a rural setting). The disparities in water hardness, pH, minerals, pollutants, chemicals, etc between rural and urban environments might be responsible for how your skin has been reacting.

My suggestion, if you're still breaking out, is to switch back to whatever cleansing routine you were on before you stayed with your cousin, and supplement that with a coating of BP on the affected areas every morning and night (with moisturizer, of course).

Other courses of action that I've found helpful: change your pillowcases every day if you can, to prevent re-infecting yourself at night. This might sound far-fetched, but it really does make a difference. Drink lots of water (or green tea, if you can tolerate the taste), and take Vitamin C, whether in citrus form or as supplements. And be patient. The healing process takes time to manifest itself visibly.

I hope that wasn't too incoherent. Sleep deprivation has that effect on me. lol.gif

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