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My experience with quitting the Regimen...

About 6 months ago I was getting acne on my cheeks, which never happened before. They stayed as little white bumps for a few weeks, and I thought it might just be a reaction from working in the Produce department of my local grocery store.

A few weeks later, they turned into huge red bumps. I freaked out, and incidently, found this web-page right when they turned.

GREAT! I thought, a nice way to keep this under control if they ever come back. So I started slathering on-the-spot on. The acne on my cheek took a week or two to just STOP HURTING, which never has happened yet in my life. I'm 20, so I found this odd.

So I kept up with the regimen for a good 5 weeks, and noticed that my red marks were not going away. A few months later, the marks on my cheeks were still as red as ever. I was very pissed because I would still break out on the regimen, plus my red marks weren't fading at all.

Flash forward a couple months. I've been quit for 2-3 months. I've been using Clean and Clear Advantage (grey bottle), and in 3 weeks, the red marks on my cheeks were half gone. At this point, you can hardly even see them.

I still break out in the occasional pimple or three, but the red marks from those fade 20X faster than when I was on the Regimen. When I was on the Regimen, I would break out just as much as when I wasn't, and it was a pain in the ass.

Just thought I'd share my story with those who still break out on the regimen.

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With BP red marks take much longer to go away. This is a fact.

This might be the case but atleast you wont get more pimples that will turn into red marks. I find when I have a pimple and I am using BP on it dies quickly anyway.

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That's the thing though. I broke out 3/4 as much as I did ON the regimen than OFF it.

It made no sense to stay on it, waste an hour or two every day, look like crap, have to check myself in the mirror 20 times a day to see if it's messing up, have my skin have pre-mature wrinkles....bleh.

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