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Guest Zitro

How common are Accutane's side effects?

Guest Zitro

I hear all those horror stories, and I want to know how common it is to have those serious side effects like liver damage, blurred vision, depression, suicide thoughts, muscle aches, etc.

Thanks for reading.

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I think the "depression" is a myth. There simply is nothing more than anecdotal evidence to back it up. In fact, my family doctor said she has never seen it, save one time, and that lady was already experiencing psychiatric ailments. She also said that if you DO experience depression it happens very early on in the course; it doesn't develop midway through your course.

That said, if you are afraid of the depression, maybe you shouldn't be on it. I think if you think you will develop depression, you most likely will. The mind is a powerful thing.

The vision problems are VERY real. I don't know how common they are though. And they can be permanent.

Liver damage can occur, however if your MD monitors you as they should, it shouldn't cause harm.

Muscle pains are common.

Everybody reacts differently to every drug. You have to weigh the benefits and the risks and see if it is worth it for you.

The most important thing is careful supervision and frequent blood test by your MD. And you MUST report any side effects so the MD can decide if you should lower your dosage or discontinue. Many people who experience permanent side effects weren't monitored closely enough and/or did not tell their MD of side effects they were having while they were on the drug.

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Common side effects such as dry lips are very common.

Uncommon side effects are very very uncommon. The chance of getting a uncommon side effect is small.

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