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Switching Dermatologist Mid-Accutane Course?

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Hello all, I'm very frustrated at the moment. I'm 23 and I've had moderate acne since I was 11. I've tried it all: drugstore cleansers, spot treatments, face masks, Curology, antibiotics from the dermatologist, Differin, Epiduo, Aczone, tretinoin... the list goes on and on. I have been recommended Accutane many times but always wanted to try something else first. I finally ran out of options so I almost started Accutane while in school but I was moving within two months so I chose to wait and get another opinion from my dermatologist back home. I had already filled out all the paperwork and been put in iPledge though so I could start.

Saw my dermatologist who agreed Accutane was my last resort. Her MA got me started, and I tried to explain that I had already gone through the pledging process and should be in the system. She told me I didn't know what I was talking about and  said I have to go to an OB/GYN to get the form signed again and all that so I could start my 30 day wait. So I went, paid my copay for the NP to literally take my form, sign it and send me on my way. I go back and give it to my dermatologist and the MA is trying to put me in the system. I get called back and she's upset. "You're in iPledge already! I can't input you twice!" She's lecturing me about lying about being on Accutane etc. etc. when I already told her that I had been put in already, already did the 30 day wait and everything else. Basically I spent money for nothing because all she needed to do was look up my name in iPledge and they could have started my treatment, no OB/GYN copay and the wasted time off work, I just needed to change the provider. But she refused to do that. Now I get my Accutane, everything is fine the first month. I do blood work for month two and come in for my visit, derm spends 2 seconds with me, just enough to tell me my white count is low. Tells me to retest in 2 weeks. 

In two weeks I get blood drawn again. I get a call on a Wednesday that white count is normal but now I'm "severely anemic" and need to stop Accutane immediately. Says I need to see a PCP and be cleared to continue. "Just in case it's something else." I get my lab results and make an appointment for Saturday, more copays now. The PCP there sends me for more blood work 4 days after I had just had it drawn just to get anemia panel but isn't sure why I'm there. So I go, do that, am told I need ANOTHER appointment so I go the following Thursday. A little over 1 week of no Accutane. The NP tells me she doesn't really understand why the derm sent me here in the first place, that my RBC is only 1 off from lab normals but for a woman my age that's still considered perfectly normal and I'm not even anemic at all. All my anemia blood work is normal. Signs my form saying I am cleared to continue Accutane. I immediately take the form back to the dermatologist. They tell me to wait for my derm to call to give the OK to start taking it again.

So I waited. I called last week and was told she's on vacation. I asked if her doctor could OK me just because it's been a while and I don't want to start over. I was told no. But then told I HAVE to see the doctor not my derm next Tuesday. Even though he can't approve me to continue the treatment? Basically, it has now been three weeks since I stopped the Accutane. I had the PCP clearance within a week and my derm has just not approved me to continue. It's getting to the point where in one week it will leave my system and I'd have to restart my treatment. 

My question is, can I switch dermatologists or is it impossible? My derm has basically told me I can't and no one will continue my treatment but I'm so sick of being treated like I don't matter. Every time I call to ask if my derm has gotten around to approving me I get yelled at and then told they'll call back and they don't and when I call back they get angry that I keep calling.If I call and make my next follow-up with a new dermatologist, can I do it? Next Wednesday will be 4 weeks and the Accutane will be out of my system. And it isn't covered by my insurance so starting from the beginning is going to cost me an additional $500 that I've already paid and I just want to start again. My PCP said I'm fine so why has it been over 3 weeks with radio silence? Can I find a new derm or are they right telling me I'm stuck? Help?

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Yes, you can switch derms at any timr during your treatment. I am actually going to do the same thing and thr new derm told me that i need all accutane paperwork from the old derm, your latest blood test results and you need to go into ipledge to change your prescriber to the new derm. Thats pretty much it

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