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Everyone on this site (myself included) seems to hate Procativ and claim it does nothing for them. Well has anyone had success with it? I mean its the most popular kit out there but why if no one likes it or buys it anymore?

Does ANYONE still use Proactiv?

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i'm here and starting the regimen (grah to red itchy skin... but after 3 days i suppose it's normal) because when i was on proactiv i started getting bad nodular cystic acne (and not just on my chin or in my eyebrows anymore).

however, my younger brother had a LOT of success with proactiv combined with a prescription med. (dont' remember what it is) he still uses it and will be getting what's left of mine (:

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i used it when it was still pretty new like 2-3 years ago, for about 4 months. i got clear from it but stopped using it and went to a dermatologist bc it was too expensive (about $40 a month). the bottles are freaking tiny. where does proactiv get the idea that they have a right to make their product so expensive?

edit** oh, i just remembered that i went to sleep every night with their sulfer mask on my pimples. eh. and i probably stopped using it also because it wasnt clearing me 100% just mostly clear. i don't recommend it.

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I use pro active it only really worked for me if I used the moisturizer along with the 3 other things and the container(s) was tiny as anyway. Didn't really clear up that much for the price my poor mother was paying. Im thinking about getting some 5% strength and using it with the wash they have.

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