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small red indents on skin that wont go away? what is this?

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I normally have relatively clear skin, however, I’ve had these red “indents” in my skin for around 2-3 years now and I’m not sure what they are but nothing I do helps make them fade or go away. I’ve tried cetaphil, cerave, micellar water, st. ive’s, and I’m now using plain old aveeno eczema baby wash and have seen no difference using any of those products.  I spoke to my dermatologist about it and he said “it’ll go away in a few months” although I repeatedly told him it had been years since I noticed them. It has now been months since I spoke with the dermatologist about them and still no progress whatsoever. Does anyone know what these are?? Or tips on how to help make them go away?? 



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When you say indents is it actually like a deep indent in your skin or does it appear to be missing a tiny layer of skin that it's almost flat?

I had a bad reaction on my skin after using a product and 10 months later the colour is fading but the lines/patches still have the same distinct appearance so I'm wondering if you applied something in the affected area but looking at your photos it appears you have a couple of random "indents" that's not surrounded by other areas of redness. It's hard to tell from photos

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I know this post is old but I also have these they don't go away and even with laser surgery they still don't go away but their not as deep I don't think they matter because it won't stop someone from finding you attractive 

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