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News mdicaments in clinical trials to reduce sebum

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Hi everybody 
first sorry for my english.

my story

I have extremely extremely oily skin.

I am on isotretinine treatment that has worked at 60mg per week but my dermatologist wants me to take as little as possible.

so we try 20mg a week but the oily skin comes back is not enough for me unfortunately.

I have researched new treatments to reduce sebum.
1) SB204 of Novan therapeutics
2) ASC-J9 Of Androscience
3) Winlevi of Cassiopea (success in phase3)

What do you think?

I'm mentally exhausted from having to wipe my face every 30 minutes or 1 hour maximum


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hi everyone, i did some research and here is an update on possible new treatments.

1) WINLEVI from CASSIOPEA anti androgen cream


appointment with the FDA on August 27, 2020.



microparticles of gold penetrate your skin to lodge in the sebaceous glands and then we destroy it with a laser.



laser with a wavelength of 1726nm which aims to heat the sebum. this laser will be marketed in Italy and then all over the world normally.


and here is an article from the dermatology times


here are the treatments that seem to me the most promising.

have people participated in the clinical trials of these companies?

. if other people have better information ... please don't hesitate to share.

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