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How will acne effect you xmas?

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im gonna use concealer, for my pih, and enjoy being with my family as i dont get to see them that often.

i dont go out without concealer these days anyway

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I know I feel kinda weird during the holidays with the relatives,with acne.But it won't disappear in time for xmas,so I'll just use makeup to cover it up.Or maybe I'll just show everyone my lovely acne.Better for me,I don't really want to feel like I have a mask on.

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Guest Shjaker

It's not going to effect me that much. I spend Christmas with just the immediate family, so no relatives coming in who haven't seen me in a year going "Oh.. aren't you.. looking pretty.." My great aunt always tells me how gorgeous I am when she sees me though smile.gif Last time she nearly flipped over my legs. "Ahh! Look how long and gorgeous her legs are! What a beautiful girl!" surprised.gif Nice aunt.

As for New Year's, that is a different story. eusa_doh.gif I get to moon over how I'm starting another year full of acne. Woopy.

I tried mentioning dermatologists to my mom today.. but she didn't really catch on. Whenever I mention my acne she brushes it aside and tries to tell me I barely have it. I'm not stupid, I can face the truth. I know she's trying to make me feel better, but it's not going to get better if she just keeps ignoring it. confused.gif

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i'm going to stay home...my aunt and both grammas are coming over...good thing it's not a huge gathering.

last Christmas i went shopping for new eye make-up and a new outfit for Christmas...but since my skin is bad this Christmas, i don't feel like putting in the effort. i have no energy for that because i don't feel good about my appearance. it's not worth it if my skin's going to be a punk ass. just gonna put on some sweats...

on that cheerful note, happy holidays doubt.gif

i love you, Toddy.

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Christmas I'm going to be home with the family which is more depressing than if I was with friends. Everytime my sister comes over all she does is talk about my acne wihich makes me depressed, and she just tells me how i must be doing something wrong for it to be so bad. You would think family would be more supportive, but apparently not in my family. The other problem I'm dealing with is telling this guy Ive dated a few times i can't go on this overnighter with him christmas eve. It sounded like a blast too snowcaving with dutch oven cooking, but no way I'd go without my makeup. Ok i'm done with my rambling it's just so much to vent about.

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i used to get family frinds asking what was wrong with my face, to my face, or whispering to my parents (even when i was in the same room).

|Good thing that doesn't happen anymore

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lol Grandparents are the worst, and they always talk about your acne at the top their voice, and of course they know absolutely nothing about acne but feel obliged to impart their misguided wisdom anyway


" Its your blood changing, thats what it is lad"

"If you wash your face and stop eating chocolate it will go away"

"You've got a lot of zits, sonny"

"You want to get out in the fresh air, get some sun on your face"

WTF!? as if I didn't already know i had a zit, and by them shouting it at the top of their voice will make me realise I do have one and it will magically dissapear.

Bastards lol.

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it sure will effect my xmass, seeing family that i havent seen for a year or so.

but ill hold my head up high and smile smile.gif

....and just see how things pan out

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geordie thats funny, old folks sure are clueless.

Hey ad hows it hanging? Is it me or is this forum totally quiet now since a certain couple left???

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footy haha, who dya support? I don't follow it too much now, but I just watched motd.

Yeh, forums gone quite since they left. I don't see turtle or joe too much either or am I just at the wrong time, wrong place?

Catcha later ad!

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well sadly my team arnt on motd they got relegated from the prem last season


and we just made glen hoddle manager last week GULP sad.gif

we played crew today and can only manage a draw

1-1 , we sould be beating these 'little' teams

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