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How severe are my scars and what are my treatment options?

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Hey everyone, 
I’m pretty embarrassed to post this considering I’m super insecure of the condition of my skin. I’m extremely fair and the contrast of my scarring and hyperpigmentation are very noticeable. 

I would like to know: 

from the pictures below (sorry for the bad quality) how severe would you say my scarring/ hyperpiemtation is? 

What would you suggest treatment wise for someone who has sensitive, easily scarred skin? 






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First of all hyperpigmentation is not scars. It's wounding post acne. Also cases of red can be Rosacea or flushing.

The most effective treatment for this type of thin is Vascular laser or IPL. You can try things first like comfrey and castor oil but that may not be strong enough. IF it's Rosacea there is medication for this. OF course as a girl you can use concealer and or foundation to cover this over the year it takes to heal post acne.

I cannot tell how severe your scars are as scars make shadows, your skin looks in better condition than many here ... your main issue is hyperpigmentation in these pics. You may need some subcision if you have pits (3 treatments typically) and possibly a few peels, and dermastamping at home on the scars monthly.

For sensitive skin you can make your flushing worse, so please see a dr about this or do a "anti - inflammatory" acid peel for discoloration..

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