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whats on my nose...help???

I am about 20 years old and i still get breaks outs from time to time. I have pretty clear skin for the most part its just my nose that realy gets me. I have like bumps on the sides and front tip of my nose some are bigger than others. Makes my skin look real rough. I really dont know what they are, i was thinking they were extreme clog pores because my nose gets really oilly. Or it could be some sort of raised scars.(Couple of them have been there for years) I dont get many pimples anymore on my nose but every once in a while one will show up and its like it just gets covered up with new skin and it is still sorta noticable. There is like smooth skin over some of them on the sides, its just like some kind of bump underneath my skin that protrudes out. Some days they look more noticable than others...i guess when my skin is flaired they get more noticable. And different types of lighting makes them look even worse, specially overhead lighting. It really lowers my self esteem. Its hard to look people in the eye because u just know they are stairing or wondering what the hell are those. I just wish i had smooth skin on my nose like everyone else. I wouldnt care if it was bad in any other area its just that ur nose is right in the middle of your face and thats the first thing people see. I have been to dermatologist before and they just prescribe me medication and topical medicines that dont do much. And i have put just about every over the counter medication on it. What can i do to get my skin on my nose smooth and healthy looking again. I am probally going to go to a new dermatologist soon. What kind of treatments will work for it. (dermabrasion, medications, creams, draining them, pore cleaning treatment, surgery???) Hopefully you guys can diagNOSE something (no pun intended) for me. I will most likely put pics up later to show you guys and explain it better. All post and opinions will be appreciated.

Thanks, Ron

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