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Exercise is giving me hormonal pimples on my chin!

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Hey guys!!

Need some advice and I am hoping some of you ladies will be able to help me (sorry my post is a bit long)

I have been getting pimples on my chin for the past 12-18 months, I have never had an issue with them before this and I have been so frustraed trying to figure out the cause.

So I went home to my parents place for a week and had a break from my workouts (I usually workout 6 days a week) and while I was there my pimples completely cleared up! I also ate like crap while I was home so it’s not foods that are causing them.

I am super careful with my skin, I use a really great face wash, toner & moisturizer twice a day which has really helped but it just won’t copletely go away.

I always wash my face with a gentle exfoliating face wash as soon as I get home from the gym, I never touch my face and I clean all my makeup brushes.

I workout first thing in the morning and don’t have any makeup on.

I have been on the same pill for over 4 years, literally the only thing that I didn’t do while at home was workout. I have been eaing well and exercising for over eating 18 months so body isn’t adjusting.

I do strength training and HIIT style workouts.

I went and got microdermabrasion done a month or so ago and the beauty therapist told me to exfoliate everyday which has helped, the skin everywhere else on my face is really good!

I have been rotating between teetree oil spot treatment and Bezac cream.

I know it’s hormonal because it’s on my chin but I just don’t know how to prevent this!! Does anyone know if there any medications I can try??

Has anyone else had this issue and figured out how to get rid of them? It’s so frustrating! I love my workouts and I won’t be giving them up but it’s so frustrating.


Thank you!!!

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Sometimes working out, or simply physical activity, even when it is not exhaustive, can lead to elevated blood levels of stress hormones like catecholamines and cortisol. When cortisol rises, it's works with testosterone and acne can be a direct response because of that. In my experience, I have to do less exhaustive exercise like Yoga or walking in order to prevent exercise induced breakouts. However, I love dancing which can be very taxing, so I just have to do shorter periods of it at a time. I also have lean PCOS which means my body is more susceptible to inflammation and hormone imbalance. Maybe try cutting down some on exercising? Like shorter intervals and maybe break a couple days in between workouts? Those are just my thoughts! Hope you get it resolved soon! 
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