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Apple Cider Vinegar vs Lemon Juice

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Which one would you prefer to dilute (or not in the case of lemon juice) and apply to the face for 15 minutes then wash off? Which one would be better at helping skin?

I am leaning into lemon since I love everything that has to do with vitamin C. Just ask those grapefruits I eat every day eusa_clap.gif

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I like them both biggrin.gif i apply diluted vinegar in the morning and diluted freshly squezeed lemon at nite. Cuz i read in another board that lemon has bleaching properties and its phototoxic. So i dont apply it if im going out and exposed to sunlight cool.gif

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Hi jonnathann, diluted Lemon juice and vinegar help maintaining our skin's acid mantle in normal pH. They are good for cleansing soap off ur skin, removing dead skin cells, preventing bad acnes, healing active ones, etc.

Theres another thread "Free(ish) scar treatment ..." discussing this in details. For some ppl, they worked pretty good in removing rolling scars biggrin.gif

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I don't have lemons around,but I do have vinegar.I like to use the vinegar after a baking soda scrub.A baking soda scrub,and diluted vinegar afterwards leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.I don't see it actually helping with my acne,plus,I've only begun using it,but I like the feeling it leaves.Also,please remember to dilute.Who knows what the pure stuff could do.

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