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TCA Cross at Home - Just a quick question :)

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Hi Guys!

I know this topic has been covered thoroughly, and like many of you that are interested in trying it out at home... I still want to make sure I cover all of my bases before I actually take the plunge.

I have 100% TCA that I'm actually planning on diluting a bit when I finally decide to cross.  But my main question is this:

When crossing a deep ice pick scar - do I ONLY want the toothpick/TCA to be applied to the bottom of the scar, or should the acid also touch the inside walls of the scar?  My ice pick scars are not large and rounded off at the sides but simply just a deep scar that could almost be confused for a very deep pore. 

I want to make sure that I don't mistakenly get the acid applied to the inside walls of the scar and have that be an issue so I wanted to check with others and see what their experience was with this.

I have recently had TCA cross / Dermapen with a professional in my area.  He only used 30% TCA as this was his first experience, but he is hoping since it was combined with Dermapen that it would penetrate more deeply (work more like a 60%).  Today, I have bruising, no scabbing.  I'm using Regenica post procedure serum for healing in the meantime.  I haven't experimented with emu oil, but am planning to when I start to do the cross at home on my own.

Any input would be MORE than helpful and greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much! 


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Thank you for posting, I see your new here.

Please re-read the faq, first post in the acne scar sub, goto the tca section - there is a link to a mega-post on acne peels that answers all these questions.

You take your 100% dilute to 15% and do a single spot test. No drips or excess. You do not touch the walls this is paint on or a normal peel. Your seeing how your skin reacts. Yes your Dr did 30% but that is not you doing it at home so test at 15% and build up, ... we have had way to many freak out posts.

Watch lots of youtube videos.

Do not treat icepicks if they are nearby each other all at the same time they will join, cycle through treating them.

We are NOT treating the walls (that is a normal peel, or paint on technique to the pit at lower %), just the floor with cross. They will become wider, be prepared for this. That is the idea to raise the floor through treatment(s) and then resurface.

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