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Oxy5 Vanishing Lotion (2.5% BP)

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Bonjour, fellow Canucks. I hope the weather has been treating all of you with kindness and decency.

I was just wondering if anyone knows where Oxy5 Vanishing Lotion might be cheaply available in or around the Thornhill/Markham/Richmond Hill/Toronto area.

It's a fabulously effective product that I highly recommend for anyone with oily skin and/or moderate acne, whether or not you follow The Regimen, but it comes in an infuriatingly small container (around 25 ml). I've been buying it at Shoppers Drug Mart for $7.99 a bottle, which is not exactly a price that fits comfortably into the budget of a, well, "starving college student," if you know what I mean. lol.gif

Places like Walmart probably carry it at a much more reasonable price, but I haven't been able to check, since I don't have a car. The TTC is a way of life for me.

Thanks in advance, everyone, and (1) Good luck with exams, if you're in university, (2) have a fantastic holiday, whether or not you celebrate a specific one, and (3) be sure to dress warmly, if you live in this fine country. wink.gif

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Is that the stuff in the green and white bottle?  I found that Oxy's BP lotion wouldn't "vanish" as it says it does, and would leave a rather visible dry white film on my skin.  Hmm.

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I see. Well I don't live in your area (I'm in Alberta), but I'm unsure as to where one would be able to find the product cheaper than it is on the shelf in the drugstore. I purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart for 7.99 per bottle, if I recall correctly.

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