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First NHS dermatology appt. / Good news!

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Evening all!

I need some help, advice, knowledge regarding a NHS dermatology consultation and the prescription of Isotretinoin.

What happens/happened to you at your first appointment? Did you have the blood and pregnancy test/s and the results on the day? Or did you have to wait a set amount of time and return? I am on the pill (Qlaira) due to PCOS, my (unrelated)  blood tests in May were normal, also my BP was fine when I checked in June.

Did you get prescribed it during the first consultation or on another day? How do you get the repeat and where? The hospital pharmacy or local?

I'm assuming I'll get prescribed it! My GP mentioned that it should be the next step I've exhausted all other options available. I'm about to leave my 20's and all I've had is acne on my chin and jawline (inc. cystic acne). I don't remember a time when I had clear skin.

End of the 20 questions!

Thank you. :)

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Last-ditch attempt!

My appointment is in just over 24hrs time and I'm nervous, anxious but hopeful... |::pray: *fingers crossed *

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Different hospitals have different systems. It also depends ln your age, because the paeds protocol is different to adults.

What will happen tmw is you will see a consultant Dermatologist, who will decide whether Accutane is appropriate. Then it depends on the hospital protocol, but if its efficient, they will do the pregnancy test and then prescribe the drug. Then you will go and have blood tests taken in the hospital and then go to the hospital pharmacy to collect the drug. They will give you around an 8 week supply. Your consultant will then ring you in 2/3 days time to tell you the results of the blood tests and whether you can start taking the drug. You then go back and see them in 8 weeks time. If certain blood tests come back abnormal they might tell you not to take it.

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Thank you so much for the reply. 

I act like a child but I'm definitely an adult! I'm 29 but still can for being under 18. That's the only plus of having acne!

Do you think they would take into account the bloods I had done in May (FBC, LFT, U&E and thyroid) if they are privy to them and relevant or would I probably still need up-to-date ones? I did call this morning and asked whether I should fast for bloods but I was told no, as it's not on my appointment letter.

My GP did inform me that it requires close monitoring and tests (a pregnancy test on a period is somewhat ironic, too!) I have done a lot of looking into this drug and hopefully I'm clued up on it now as I really need something that stands the best chance of working. 

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So, my first appointment went well.

I didn't have bloods, the ones in May were noted and accepted, nor a pregnancy test as they wouldn't get a proper sample due to my period. I am on contraception and assured them that babies are not in my future! So I was able to opt out of the PPP.

I was prescribed eight weeks of Roaccutane, a total of 60mg to be taken every day (three 20mg capsules once a day). That did seem a lot but my last weigh in was 80kg.

So yeah, here goes... :smileys_n_people_82:

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