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Weird bump on Nose

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Hello, I just wanted some advice about a really weird bump that appeared on my nose.
so 1 week ago I’ve had a large zit on my nose, and I know it’s wrong cause I’m regretting it right now, but I’ve popped it with a sterilized pin and MY FAULT, I’ve squeezed it so hard and so bad that I saw my red skin under it. I applied some ice cubes and ointment, the next day it turned into a round big white bump, and MY FAULT AGAIN, i popped it and I’m really regretting it so bad, some pus came out then I stopped and applied ointment on it. The next day a scab was formed and it fell off on it’s own. Now this zit is gone but there is still a bump that is really red and round shaped, and when I press on it it feels empty like there’s nothing inside it. It’s annoying me I’m afraid it’s gonna be permanent. 
Any advice on how to flatten it? I really want to get rid of it. It’s week 2 and it’s still there, I’m really stressing about it :(
This was a long story but I really need help. Thanks.

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Hey, so keep on using ice compress night and day. Also use some aloe vera to heal the scarring over time.
I could also recommend using some clay with lavender oil etc on top of the spot once a day as well.
Take care

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Thanks for the reply!
the bump was red and now it is turning white :s
I think it’s infected or something. 
Thanks for the advice anyway.

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